Our Firm

SmartPointe Real Estate is a real estate services firm specializing in buying, selling, and investing in residential real estate.

Our History

SmartPointe was founded in 2005 by Tyrone P. Smith Sr. and Troy G. Smith (father and son). The company's name was originally Second Phase Properties and later changed to SmartPointe Real Estate to reflect the new business model of using modern technology to help clients make "smart" decisions.

Total Customer Satisfaction

SmartPointe Real Estate believes in Total Customer Satisfaction. We believe each client and each property is unique; therefore, we strive to always provide our clients with unsurpassed personal service.

Our most important role is to listen to each client, assess the individual client's needs, and respond with an approach that will best achieve the client's goals. Modern technology coupled with the best market data and old-fashioned hard work enables us to provide a superior level of service which will exceed your expectations!

You can count on SmartPointe Real Estate to work for your best interests, always maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Supported by high-quality market research and in-depth analysis, SmartPointe provides real estate solutions to organizations across all industries. Our professionals are tenacious client advocates that provide innovative, strategic advisory services that support the client’s business objectives. The firm’s comprehensive real estate platform includes office brokerage, corporate services, and buyer’s representation.